The Dollar Ball Online Slots Series

The Dollar Ball Online Slots Series

The leading software provider Playtech offers a number of slots machines with a side game called Dollar Ball. This is a game resembling lotto and requires an additional fixed bet of $1 irrespective of the amount wagered in the main game. The Dollar Ball game is played while the reels spin in the main game.

Players can see the Dollar Ball symbol at the top right part of the screen. They have to click on the Enable logo in order to activate the side game. Numbers from 1 to 49 are displayed on the screen and players have to pick five from them. Many players have their favorites or follow a system and prefer to select the numbers manually. Logically it does not matter which numbers are selected, so some players click on Random pick and allow the software to make an automatic selection. Once players confirm the selection, the Dollar Ball side bet of $1 is deducted from the players’ balance. Once enabled, this game will be played with every main game using the same numbers, until the numbers are changed or the game is disabled.

The selected numbers are displayed in a row of white circles. When the main slots game is activated five numbers randomly drawn appear above the selected numbers. Any matching numbers will change to green and the win amount will be displayed below. The payouts from the Dollar Ball side game are added to payouts won from the main game and transferred to the player’s balance.

Dollar Ball wins are displayed in a separate pay table that can be accessed through a button in the main game pay table. The payouts for up to three matches are fixed wins and obtained directly from the pay table. For a single match the payout is 1, for two matches the payout is 2 and for three matches the payout is 25. Four or five matches lead to progressive jackpot wins. A small percentage of each side bet is added to the progressive jackpot pool. For four matches the player wins 1% of the progressive jackpot amount. For five matches he wins the entire progressive jackpot. After four matches the progressive jackpot amount reduces by 1%. After five matches the progressive jackpot amount is reset to the seed amount.

Some of the best and most popular Playtech Dollar Ball slots games are Captain’s Treasure, A Night Out, Forest of Wonders, Alien Hunter, Geisha Story, Football Rules, Golden Tour, What’s Cooking, Desert Treasure, Lotto Madness, Greatest Odyssey, Highway Kings, Dr Lovemore, Thrill Seekers and Silver Bullet. Captain’s Treasure and Desert Treasure feature regularly on the winners’ lists at Playtech online casinos. Captain’s Treasure has a pirate theme with symbols like pirate, treasure chest, swords, captain’s wheel, anchor and treasure map. Desert Treasure has symbols like camel, Arab, oasis, compass and treasure map. This slot game has a free spins round and a bonus game on the second screen. Players can wager on the Dollar Ball slot games in the normal manner without enabling the side bet. But if they want to try for the progressive jackpot then the Dollar Ball bet has to be enabled. All the Dollar Ball slots can be played at Playtech online casinos. Omni Casino is popular with players from Canada.