POLi Payment NZ Casino

POLi Payment NZ Casino

Online casinos in New Zealand offer various payment methods for their clients. Obviously, every kiwi player has his own favorite method. And a vast majority of players narrow down to POLi internet banking. This method allows making fast deposits with little-to-no steps because POLi customers don’t have to create an account and verify it in order to use its services.

Many NZ casino players prefer POLi payments for real money games. However, this method excludes a withdrawal option. So if you’re ok with that, POLi online casinos are your choice.

NZ banks partnering with POLi

POLi is widely used in New Zealand and Australia. It has become extremely popular because many local banks have partnered up with POLi. These include ME Bank, Citibank, Bank of Melbourne, Westpac, ANZ, Bank Direct, Bankwest, Bank of New Zealand, Commonwealth Bank, and other major banks. In total, at least 7 NZ banks and 17 Australian banks currently support POLi.

So if you are a client of any of these banks, you should try POLi for online gambling. And if you don’t know whether or not your bank supports POLi, you can easily chat with a bank manager live and ask the question.

POLi can be used only if you have internet banking. So make sure your bank has an online version you can use to access your bank account.

Ease of using POLi

POLi supports not only gambling but also online purchases, including holidays, airplane tickets, and so on. It is a great payment solution for NZ residents who don’t have a credit card or those who don’t want to disclose their banking details over the internet.

The payment method is quite convenient allowing players to use it on desktop and mobile. To use POLi, make sure to create a bank account with a supporting banking institution and fund it with your money.

POLi payments are very simple. The process takes a few internal steps. You only send a request, and the bank does everything for you. As soon as you request an NZ casino deposit, your funds are deducted directly from your linked bank account to the casino. No sensitive banking details are revealed to the recipient of the funds.

POLi can be easily installed on browsers such as Google or Safari for even faster deposits. Once the transaction receipt has been received by your casino, you get immediate access to products and gaming services.

Players can also use a POLi link generated as a URL by the casino. And players can use the link to deposit money in an easy and fast manner.

Steps to using POLi payment NZ casino

POLi payment system does not require setting up an account. So it’s enough to have a bank account to process any transaction.

To start using POLi for casino deposits, all you need is to pick the payment method from the drop-down menu of deposit options at the cashier. Then, you’ll be prompted to fill out the form with the required information such as your bank name that supports POLi.

In the end, you will need to log in to your internet banking and confirm the deposit transaction. Once it’s done, the casino will receive a receipt and open real money access to games in your account.

As we said, POLi doesn’t support withdrawals so it’s impossible to cash out back via POLi. In this case, your NZ casino will offer you an alternative payment method. Tap the withdrawal option menu and select the one you like most. Make sure to check this step with the support manager asking if there is any fee and how long it takes to process the payout.

Usually, fast payouts are available for e-wallet users. But if you select a bank transfer, you will have to wait for up to 7 business days till your money appears in your bank account.

Generally, POLi is a charge-free payment method, which is why casino customers love it. However, while POLi and NZ casino sites don’t charge you for deposits, your bank may have a different policy. So before using POLI for casino deposits, check if there are any transaction fees for POLi payments.

Benefits of using POLi

POLi internet banking is a pretty beneficial system. There are many advantages:

  • Security. The safety of POLi payment NZ casino is ensured by banks. So you can have no worries about the money transfer if you trust your bank. The POLi system does not collect any information about you, so sleep well knowing that your funds are absolutely fine.
  • No risk of identity theft. Since you are not required to have an account with POLi, neither casino nor internet frauds can access your banking information. POLi acts as a shield between your online casino and a bank account.
  • Instant deposits. Payments are carried out very quickly. You just confirm the payment, and in a second, you already have access to the games lobby.
  • No fees. Usually, POLi users are not charged for casino payments. But this point is better checked with your bank.
  • No account. Some players consider it as a key advantage that they don’t have to create accounts and memorize passwords.

All in all, POLi is perfect for customers who don’t have or don’t want to use their credit cards over the internet. It’s convenient and safe, what else does a player need?

Drawbacks to using POLi

POLi is designed to provide secure, fast, and convenient payments over the internet. But there are still a few things you might not like about POLi:

  • Lack of withdrawal feature. POLi is a deposit-only method. It means that players have to search for a nice payment system to receive their casino winnings.
  • Available only in New Zealand and Australia. If you are from New Zealand or Australia, there is nothing to worry about.
  • Impossible to revoke a transaction. If you pay via POLi, you can’t cancel this transaction.

As you can see, there are a few drawbacks to using POLi on casino sites. However, they aren’t that awful especially if you have your preferred payment option for withdrawals.

Fortunately, there are many NZ casino sites that accept POLi. And it’s a great benefit that lots of NZ banks support POLi payments.